How do I use the Playname online service?

It is very easy to use the online name creation service. The first step is to specify what you need a name for (for example, an online store or law firm) and our name generator will come up with the ideal name for your new brand. For more information on how the Playname service works, please see "How it works".

What is naming in simple words?

Naming is the creation of a unique name for your brand. If we talk about what is naming in simple words, it is the primary process of inventing your brand or trademark, company or firm. The way you will be presented to your clients.

What advantages does the purchase of the Pro-version of service provide?

Buying the Pro-version of our online service is an opportunity to come up with a name online without restrictions on the number of projects, generation, advertising. The cost of creating your new brand, which will bring you profit, may be less than a cup of coffee, only 99 rubles!

How do I come up with a name?

Now it is very simple and almost worthless! Our online Playname service will come up with a name for your new brand or company without any difficulty. All you need to do is click on the "Come up with a name" button and choose the results you like.

Is the name busy?

With our online service Playname you can check the company name for uniqueness or check the name patent. No more complicated manipulations and a lot of paper documents are required, no need to go to ROSPATENT (FIPS) - everything can be checked online at our service.

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